I love watching dinosaur movies, dinosaur cartoons, visiting their bones at the museum, reading dinosaur books and watching dinosaur motions' in general. Here is a place where you can get some of our uniquely  designed Dinosaur shirts and some of our other items for sale.


From the time of their creation, until now sightings became rarer and finally they went extinct.I believe that #Godmadedinos on the sixth day and they were peaceful creatures until mankind, flood-waters, disease, and lack of food killed them off.  But one truth still remains they walked with humans since the beginning of human history... mysterious beasts...


"Dragons" were what they were called world-wide until 1800's, when the word dinosaur became the normal name for these "Terrible beast."


Sir Richard Owen coined the word dinosaur, meaning "fearfully great lizard," in 1842. In Greek, "deinos" means "fearfully great" and "sauros" means "lizard."


Remember #SayNotoGmoDinos!


Looking forward to purchasing a ticket to watch the newest "JurassicPark" movie "Jurassic World" as to protest the newest monster they cooked up the dread Indominus- Rex. Please Join the protest to free the prisoners. They should be as free as the sky!

For real, the poor creature didnt ask to be modified!! #Saynotogmodinos

he didnt ask to be modified!!!


Visit my other sites for more information about who we are ...... we protest the Dinosaur modification!!! Buy a shirt and join the peaceful revolution!! Leave the dinos alone!!



We have more shirts in development just around the corner.


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This is all just for fun, there are no gmo dinos...yet***)